15 lb. Box Organic “Grinders”


What do we do with the imperfect dates, the too small, too dry, or too ugly dates? These dates are still delicious and nutritious and are perfect for blending, baking or using in recipes where texture, size and appearance don’t matter. We have packaged these “Grinders” (as we affectionately call them) in bulk 15 pound boxes and are offering them at a reduced price. Our Deep Discount "Sugared" Grinders contain heavy sugaring under the skin caused by the crystallization of the date sugar syrup in the flesh. Tasty with a pleasing crunch (we call them bonus sugar bits) these dissolve when cooked or moist. Because everyone loves a cheap date. NOTE: We recommend storing your dates in the refrigerator or freezer. We do not advise storing them at room temp when the dates are very moist. Tip: to rehydrate dry dates for blending, soak dates in very hot water (or other flavorful liquid) for several minutes, drain and use. Contains whole, un-pitted California grown organic medjool dates.


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