3D Glow in the Dark Galactic Space Mini Tapestry 30x45


3d glow the dark galactic space mini tapestry 30x45 - art by Chris Pinkerton. 3-D glow-in-the-dark galactic space mini tapestry 30x45 inches. transform your walls into a glow-in-the-dark universe with this trippy galactic design. Art work by Chris Pinkerton. MSRP $ 24.95 For case discounts, please order in multiples of 50 (there are 50 pieces per case). Glow in the dark tapestry - specially designed glow ink can be charged by natural, incandescent, and black light. It is also a 3-d tapestry - artwork appears to float the fabric when viewed through special sunshine joy 3d glasses (sold separately). You stare at your new sunshine joy tapestry intently as it hangs on your wall. You marvel at its intricate and well-crafted design and love the beauty it brings to your environment. The colors and artwork are inspiring.


Category: Faire, SUN J