Mountain Scene TZ Glass Art Necklace: Shimmering Spruce


Tari Zarka creates her Mountain Scenes to be tangible reminders of the expansive healing we can find when we commune in mutual respect with nature, high up in the mountains. Beyond the magic of being in the woods, the elevation and terrain changes altitude invites sparks something especially grounding, rejuvenating, and invigorating. Each Mountain Scene is literally a hand-painted, mini work of TZ Glass art created in the torch flame. Expect a lot of variation in each. Offered in two sizes, this is the larger, regular, Mountain Scenes. They are just over one inch tall. The smaller 'Tiny Mountains Scene' listing offers the smaller size, which are just under and inch tall. They are finished on the adjustable cotton cord option but you can upgrade to a chain if you'd like. Look for our Chain Upgrade section to add-on your selection.